Career Opportunities

To Job Seekers:   
You have the opportunity to join  one of the greatest Head Start Programs in the State of Georgia, dedicated to improving the lives of young children and their families. Washington County NB & PW Club, Inc. Head Start / Georgia Pre-K Program employees are committed to their work, to each other, and to the people we serve.

We are gratified you are seeking to join this excellent workforce. If hired, you will be challenged, but will see first-hand how you can help improve the lives of your fellow citizens.

Washington County NB & PW Club, Inc. Human Resources Officer's job is to create an environment and infrastructure that supports the work you have the potential to come on board to do. We seek to unify the agency across all its programs and offices so that we move forward with a common purpose to serve those we help. We are committed to Washington County NB & PW Club, Inc. Head Start / Georgia Pre-K Program, of an agency that implements the vision of mission and  federal guidelines. We have a first class staff ready and able to assist you in getting started and developing any new employee's skill to maximize their value to the agency and career, if hired.

We have an application that you can complete and send back in this Career Opportunities Tab



Margie Ayers,
Human Resources/Facilities Officer
(478)240-0925 ext. 206

An Equal Opportunity Employer