Head Start Policy Council


(pictured from right to left) NB & PW Club Vice-President Ms. Walker, Mable Jones; Trainer,India Darnison, Assistant Secretary, Kansas Stone, Secretary, Tammy Stevens, Vice-President, Christy Jenkins,President  Executive Director, Susie D. Wilcher, NB & PW Club Secretary Maggeline Lawson

The Head Start Policy Council consists of parents and community members. At least 51 % of the Policy Council MUST be parents of Head Start children. No staff member (nor members of their families) shall serve on the Policy Council (even if they are a parent in the program as well).      Staff may at­tend a Policy Council meeting upon request of the Policy Council.

 Responsibilities of Policy Council Representatives 

  1. To attend monthly meetings regularly and notify staff in advance if you are unable to attend.
  2. To attend training's and share the information with others.
  3. Serve as a link between public and private organizations.
  4. Initiate suggestions and ideas for program improvements.
  5. Review and approve budgets and participate in hiring/firing of staff members.
  6. Serve on executive, finance, personnel, parent activities, planning, and evaluation committees.
  7. Plan, with assistance of staff, activities for all parents in the program.
  8. Encourage other parents to participate in the program as volunteers and work with community organizations to provide any needed services.


At the first center committee meeting, parents will elect a parent to represent their center at the Policy Council. Additionally, each center will elect alternates to assist the representatives should they not be able to attend a particular meeting.    The meetings will be held at an assigned meeting place.

As parents of enrolled children, you should provide support for the
per­son(s) you elect by:

  • informing your representative(s) on thoughts about Policy Council matters,  and
  • having your representative(s) report on the Policy Council during Center meetings.