Early Childhood Education Services:

Every child deserves a ….Head Start.  We, at the Washington County NB & PW Club, Inc. Head Start/Georgia Pre-K program utilize Teaching Strategies “Creative Curriculum” along with other appropriate resources.  The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. The Framework promotes physical development and health knowledge in their daily routines and lesson plan activities. Social-emotional development is reinforced and enhanced by teacher-child interactions and reinforced with “Second Step Curriculum” which is designed to promote social competence and reduce children’s social emotional problems. Language and literacy are inter-twined throughout the daily schedule from arrival to departure.  Cognitive skills are provided through daily lesson plan experiences in logic and reasoning, math, science, and social studies.  Child initiated and teacher planned activities, supervised play and individual attention frames our program’s approaches to learning.

Services to children with disabilities are provided in an inclusive setting.  Head Start in collaboration with other agencies (Local Education Agency -public schools, and private entities) provides comprehensive assessments, preventive interventions for children demonstrating significant development delay.  Head Start, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, and certified intervention specialists/clinical worker are available to meet the needs of the child.

 Families are given assistance in making the transition into and out of the Head Start/Pre-K program.  Opportunities to meet our staff are available throughout the recruitment and enrollment process.  Additionally, opportunities to meet local school staff will be available throughout the school year.


Barbara Rawlings, Early Childhood Development / Health Manager 
478-240-0925 ext. 207


Michelle D. Todd , Education Coordinator 
478-240-0925 ext. 211