Health Services:

Early identification of health problems is emphasized in Head Start be­cause a child's health affects their ability to learn and master new skills. Com­plete physical and dental exams along with current immunizations are required for children before entering the program. Vision and hearing screenings, blood pressure, and height and weight information are required within the first 45 days of enrollment to insure that a child is healthy. Children are also taught to brush their teeth and basic hygiene skills. 123
Breakfast, lunch and snack are served each day to assist in meeting the daily nutritional needs of the children.

The foundation of a mentally healthy child begins with the development of positive self-worth, respect for differences, coping skills, and appropriate so­cial skills. Accomplishments in these areas affect a child's ability to play, love, learn, and work within the home, school, and other environments. Opportunities to develop and practice these attributes are provided within the classroom setting. 

One of our goals is to ensure that your child is up-to-date on age appropriate health care.  A child that isn’t healthy can sometimes have a hard time learning new things. We are one of the few programs where your child’s health is very important.   

We encourage you to help us keep your child up-to-date on health care including immunizations, and dental care.  We will assist you in making appointments, referrals, and arranging transportation if needed.   If there is a need, the parent/guardian needs to contact their Family Advocacy and/or Health Coordinator and tell them what they need.

Child health items needed while enrolled into the Head Start Program:

Yearly Physical
Yearly Blood Pressure 
Hemoglobin / Hematocrit
Blood Lead Screening
Vision Exam
Yearly Dental Exam


Contact Pamela Tanner,
Health Coordinator; @ 478-240-
0925 ext. 213 for more information