What You Should Know About Head Start Transportation 

Grantee and delegate agencies must comply with a few transportation regulations. This resource may be used by Head Start staff to better understand federal requirements for program transportation services

Head Start programs are not required to provide transportation services, however, there are a few key transportation regulations that grantee and delegate agencies are required to comply with. According to CFR 45 1310, Head Start programs are required to:

  • Assist parents to arrange transportation
  • Provide pedestrian and riding safety education within 30 days
  • Release children only to individuals who have been authorized in writing by parent/guardian

    Transportation Supervisor and Disabilities Services Coordinator are responsible for meeting the transportation requirements in 45 CFR Part 1308, Americans with Disabilities (ADA) and the 1973 Rehabilitation Act. Each agency must specify any special transportation requirements for a child with a disability when preparing the child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and are followed to include:

  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Seating arrangements
  • Equipment needs
  • Special assistance
  • Special training for bus drivers and monitors
  • (2) Buses have wheel chair lifts if needed. 

11        Contact Joyce Gardner, Transportation Coordinator; @ 478-240-0925 ext. 212 for more information